Power Tiller / Power Weeder 6.5 HP Diesel Engine

This power tiller comes with 6.5 HP Diesel engine and it  comes with 4 stroke air cooled, 1 Cylinder engine and support maximum RPM at 3600.


Power tiller is a machine which specially designed for mountainous areas and small piece of land, it introduced advanced technology of manufacturing tillage machine at home and abroad, with the characteristics of high efficiency, compact appearance, easy to operate and maintenance. Power  tiller can been widely used in arid land, paddy field, greenhouse and fruit garden, etc.

Our power weeder are made and developed under highly strict measures in order to maintain its compliance with well-defined quality standards. The power tiller can be used in the fields that are left unploughed for long periods,fields that are too hard, full of deep routed unwanted plants, shrubs, weeds etc. We also provide a superior range of Power tiller attachments to our clients. Plough can be attached with the help of Hitch bracket.

Power Tiller Diesel engine Details

This power weeder or power tiller diesel engine comes with 6.5 HP  and it  comes with 4 stroke air cooled, 1 Cylinder engine and support maximum RPM at 3600.

Rated Power – 3.4 KW.

Rated RPM – 3000

Maximum Power – 6.5 HP

Maximum RPM – 3600

Engine Type- 1 Cylinder, 4 stroke air cooled

Fuel Tank Capacity – 3.5 Liter

Cultivation Width – 800-1050 mm

Cultivation Depth – 100-250 mm

No. of Rotary Blades – 32

Net Weight – 115 Kg

Gross Weight – 120 Kg

Cultivation capacity Per hr – 0.25 Hectare

Dimension – 91 x 56 x 84 cm

Additional information

Weight 135 kg
Dimensions 50 × 60 × 50 cm