We are makers of Vermi Beds (AGRO TEXTILES-HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) WOVEN BEDS FOR VERMICULTURE) which is widely used for Vermicomposting (It is very much disintegrated steady, fine granular by-item from fertilizing the soil procedure interceded through exercises of worms).

The Vermi beds are used for the creation of value vermi fertilizer and vermi wash for natural cultivating. These beds are the delegates of present day manure innovation and serves as remarkable mix of intense and light weight development, simple establishment with great air circulation control. Produced using fortified light weight HDPE material, these vermi beds are anything but difficult to introduce and migrate and are less costly in contrast with cement vermi beds. The light weight of these beds made them simple to set them in remote or difficult to get to areas. The beds are fitted with air circulation windows that permits appropriate upkeep of temperature and dampness and aides in developing of microbial populace and avoid access heat develop.