A post hole digger ir also known as earth auger. Which is a machine that burrows round and hollow holes for planting seedlings of organic product or timber trees and for setting posts, it can be an independent machine or a tractor-mounted attachment. The fundamental working parts are removable twist drills, sharp screw like actualizes that can move clockwise or counterclockwise. The holes measure 0.3–1.0 m in distance across and as much as 6 m top to bottom.

How to use a post hole digger or earth auger –

Mark the focal point of every hole on the ground.  Stand specifically over the hole area with your feet spread shoulder width separated.  Press together the two handles of the earth digger to open its twin sharp edges.  Raise the post hole digger as high as could be allowed, then drive the cutting edges down into the dirt.  Draw outward on the handles to close the cutting edges, then left the exhumed soil from the hole; store soil to the other side of hole.  Keep driving the hole digger down into the dirt, until you achieve the fancied profundity.