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  • Kirloskar Mega T 15 Deluxe Power Tiller

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    Mega T Deluxe brings you the versatility of a tiller, and the comfort and performance of a tractor, at the turn of a key. This advanced 15 HP machine offers:

    Several firsts in the category – such as a key start ignition, mobile charger, hour meter, alternator and a safety start switch
    A powerful 15 HP engine that can handle almost every kind of farm work with ease
    Both wet and dry land applications
    Mega T 15 offers maximum efficiency for minimum fuel consumption
    Advanced brakes and a tractor-like seat ensure maximum safety and comfort to users
    Cerametallic clutch to ensure longer life
    Unique applications that have never been seen before in tillers.

  • Kirloskar mega-T-15 s Power Tiller

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    This revolutionary farm machine packs in the power and versatility of a tiller and matches it up with the comfort and performance of a tractor. Mega T offers:

    Long-life design
    PTO for greater versatility
    DIN (German) standard gear box
    Transmission-mounted hydraulic brake and parking brake for greater control
    Balanced machine for better stability and comfort
    DIN (German) standard gear box
    Adjustable handle for greater comfort
    Damage resistant fuel filter
    20 blade rotavator for better tilling
    Confortable seat with springs and cushioning
    Lower fuel consumption